As young entrepreneurs, we organizers of the Pop District Bazaar thought about how much exposure we needed here in our very own city. We saw that the online community was of huge help to small businesses but there really wasn't a focus given to the idea of bazaars. As organizers, we thought that through bazaars, there will be an avenue for start ups and small business to make a name for themselves with the wonderful and diverse products that they have, whether it be for crafts, clothes, dry goods and food. This is how we came up with the idea to do Pop District Bazaar.

    Pop District Bazaar, the grandest bazaar in the metro, was held exactly one month ago. We would like to thank everyone who went and helped in making the event such a big success! It is truly heartwarming to look back and appreciate how we truly did  help our fellow Cebuanos, and all the other guests, discover Cebu in one big bazaar. After all, that was our dream when we first conceived the idea of working towards organizing the bazaar -- to put the spotlight on all these incredible local talents. For what would seem like the first time, these businesses were made the star of the show.
     But of course, we also wanted to treat our guests to another community that blends talent with online social networking. Hence, we thought about bringing over some of the most influential style/ lifestyle bloggers. We were as overwhelmed as these bloggers were when the bazaar- goers and their very own readers swarmed the entire lounge with happy faces on. We also brought over some incredibly talented DJ's and a number of local artists from the music scene. 
    Nothing better than shopping, good food and quality music! We hope you had an amazing time with us during the bazaar. We'll make sure the next ones are as amazing as this, or will of course be so much better than the first. Keep posted! We already have some dates in mind. Don't miss out!

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